About Virtual Training Projects

Our adaptive and customized Virtual Training Projects (VTPs) take participants through the analysis of published research projects with 1-on-1 support from domain experts. We've partnered with leading researchers from academia, industry, and government to create the VTPs.

Our VTPs help: 

  • Professionals, Trainees and Graduate Students learn new methods and apply them to their work
  • College and High School Students explore careers & professional domains, courses of study, internship options
  • Organizations select or train interns and new hires

VTP Structure

VTP projects are 1-week. After completing the weeklong version, participants can enroll in a multiweek extension (2- or 3- weeks depending on the VTP) to go deeper into the material. 

Participants complete VTPs virtually, on their own internet-connected computers.

Each participant receives:

  • Access to VTP platform, where project information, context, and data are provided 
  • Access to a group channel that each cohort of participants uses to ask questions of mentors and interact with each other
  • All computational resources necessary to complete assigned tasks (e.g. AWS instances with all necessary software to perform assigned analyses)
  • Unlimited assistance from domain experts (asynchronous + videoconference calls)

Weeklong VTPs start on Monday or Tuesday with a 1-1 hourlong intro meeting on the platform where each participant is introduced to the project, provided all necessary resources to complete it, and assigned their own dataset.

Participants then complete a set of assigned tasks throughout the week—on their own schedule—and seek help from mentors and cohort peers on a group cohort channel.

A 1-hour Midweek Cohort Meeting on Wednesday and 1-hour Wrap-up Cohort Meeting on Friday ensure the group can discuss their progress.

Note: we may suggest some participants complete brief pre-VTP preparation in foundational topics, depending on their educational background and work experience.

schematic_milrd (2)

Pre-VTP Preparation

Each participant can opt to complete 3-5 hours of preparation in foundational topics the week before a their VTP starts.

Pre-VTP Preparation includes:

  • An hourlong introductory platform meeting on Wednesday or Thursday

  • An hourlong group videoconference meeting on Friday

  • 2-3 hours of independent work.

Please consult the VTP descriptions to determine if this foundation would be helpful.

All participants are welcome and it is currently offerred at no extra charge, but it is not required.

Pre-VTP Schematic

Advantages to VTP approach

  1. Our program structure and roles, such as participant, assistant mentor, and mentor, enable communities and networks to grow around our projects.
  2. Our personalized platform supports participants with different experience levels in the same cohort, and encourages them to collaborate, without leaving beginners behind or holding back people with more expertise. 
  3. Mixing experienced undergraduate & graduate students, trainees, and professionals with younger high school students presents a compelling opportunity for pre-workforce participants to network and learn from individuals who have already entered the labor market.
  4. Professionals are participating to learn methods for their own work, indicating the effectiveness of our training programs.