License MILRD's Platform (B2B)

We've conducted trainings with participants from over 50 organizations—hyper customized to fit their needs.

More than 1,300 participants from company sectors including tech, biotech/pharma, consulting, and research centers have completed our training programs.

License our software to create & conduct just-in-time, adaptive, and tailored technical trainings for onboarding new hires, cross-training staff, or getting clients up to speed.

B2B Licenses Include:

  • Your firm's branding
  • Customized workflow for autogenerating training instructions based on your company's source content
  • Hands-on support
  • Ownership of source and generated data, AI interactions, participant threads
  • Web app platform: user accounts for trainees, mentors & admins; instruction renderer; customized AI QA; multiplayer collaborate channel; review panel for reviewing AI-participant threads; results channel