Enrollment Fees 

Enrollment fees cover unlimited 1-1 support from mentors, AWS Cloud Compute Instances, DevOps Support, Indirect Costs, and Laptops/Wifi for SED Students

1-week VTP Fee Structure:

Participant Category Price (through December 31, 2023)
Professionals from Industry (e.g. Pharma, Biotech) $875 /participant
Trainees/Research staff/Grad students/Instructors from Academia & Government $350 /participant
Professional Development for Teachers (detailed brochure) Please contact us at [email protected]
Bulk Enrollment for Colleges, High Schools, Education Programs (detailed brochure) Please contact us at [email protected]
Undergraduate and High School students* $550 /participant 
*Low-income/disadvantaged students (donated funds via Social Good)—must be able to demonstrate financial need to be eligible.  Free (value per scholarship: $550)

We also consider how our fees compare to similar offerings such as bootcamps and training courses and believe we offer good value.

Multi-week Extension VTP Fee Structure:

For pricing details on VTP extensions (2- or 3-week options depending on the project), please contact us at [email protected].

Need-based Aid for High school & College Participants

As an education organization, we believe it is important to enroll and grow a diverse participant community of aspiring professionals. We have scholarship funds available for high school and undergraduate students who can demonstrate financial need.

To apply, please complete this form. 

Our goal is to support 50% of our undergraduate and high school student participants on scholarship*. 

*MILRD is an education organization pursuing non-profit status and is currently fiscally sponsored by SocialGood—a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This enables us to accept tax-deductible donations and grants to support disadvantaged and underrepresented high school and college students as we complete the non-profit certification process.