What do I need to participate in a VTP?

All you need is a computer running Windows or MacOS, along with a microphone and a stable internet connection.

Optional: We recommend a webcam to use during your cohort and mentor meetings.

Do I need a powerful computer to run the software packages?

Not at all; participants connect to a remote server instance that runs all computational software. Interaction with the software is through your browser or the command line.

Which VTPs are currently available?

Current VTPs can be found here. We're continually developing and offering new VTPs throughout the year. To know more about which projects are currently on offer, simply get in touch!

How long is a VTP?

Each VTP is designed to be completed in 5 days (1 workweek). Typically, VTP participants spend about 10-20 hours (depending on experience level) between the introductory meeting, cohort meetings, and self-paced, independent work.

How difficult is a VTP?

VTPs can be adapted to a broad spectrum of academic or experience levels. Your cohort might include a professor, PhD student, or an advanced undergraduate student. Cohort members are assigned the same tasks but can provide more support to the less-experienced participants. At the same time, those with more experience are pushed to explore questions and concepts more in depth than a less-experienced participant. This allows all participants to get the most valuable experience from the VTP without leaving behind or holding back anyone.

Throughout the week, each VTP cohort works collaboratively to support each other to contribute their own insights and conclusions.

Whom will I meet in my cohort?

Each participant is assigned their own dataset and works in a small group with other participants, which can include PhD students, postdocs, and staff researchers from industry.

What if I get stuck?

Your VTP mentor(s) are domain expert who's available throughout the entire project. Don't hesitate to contact them when you need some clarification or guidance on your project.

We also encourage all participants to take advantage of the group cohort channel. You'd be surprised how many people will run into the same challenge. Each cohort brings together people with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can help each other throughout the project.

Where does MILRD source its VTP project data from?

We collaborate with research groups, companies, and nonprofits to develop VTP content, including source data.

How do I enroll in a VTP?

Get in touch with us to learn more about which projects are currently offered. We're also happy to recommend a project based on your background and interests.

What if I can't make my scheduled VTP?

We understand! We offer a flexible cancellation policy. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we'll be happy to accommodate your schedule.