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Empower your organization with our tailored Virtual Training Projects (VTPs) in advanced bioinformatics and data science techniques. Our weeklong VTPs are designed to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals, enhancing their skills, efficiency, and productivity.

Choose the VTP option that works best for you:

Option 1: Enroll your team in any our Current VTPs

Option 2: Let us create a custom-built VTP based on your organization's training requirements

After selecting Option 1 or Option 2, you can further tailor VTPs to your specific use-cases using the Flexible Add-on Options listed below.

Staff Scientist (PhD Level), Fortune 500 Biotech Company

The Single-cell Transcriptomics + Lung Cell Characterization VTP was a great way to get an exposure to this analysis. scRNA-seq analysis is an involved, multistep process, but MILRD’s program provided a ton of support and I came away from the project with a strong initial foundation. Participants learn the rationale, inputs and outputs of each computational step, and experiment-specific considerations that go into designing, executing and analyzing single-cell transcriptomics projects. I left feeling like I have a strong foundation in scRNA-seq that I can build off of. I had a great experience with MILRD’s VTP program.


Flexible Add-on Options

  • Bring an additional related dataset for analysis after core VTP tasks are completed
  • Include an expert from your organization as an in-the-loop co-mentor
  • Receive a copy of the compute environment (e.g. AMI, Docker Image with Nextflow workflow) for seamless post-VTP analysis

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