Industry Solutions:
Virtual Training Projects for Pharma & Biotech

Our Virtual Training Projects (VTPs) in advanced bioinformatics & data science techniques are tailored to meet the training needs of researchers in pharma and biotech.

Option 1: Enroll in any of our Current VTPs

Option 2: Let us custom-build a VTP based on your needs

Tailor VTPs further using the Flexible Add-on Options below.

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Past Enrollment


Staff Research Scientists from

Industry and Academia


Postdoctoral Fellows and

Advanced Trainees


PhD or Master's

Flexible Add-on Options

  • Choose from fully remote, in-person, or hybrid engagement options for mentors, providing flexibility to match the logistics and comfort levels of your organization.
  • Bring an additional related dataset for analysis after core VTP tasks are completed
  • Include an expert from your organization as an in-the-loop co-mentor
  • Receive a copy of the compute environment (e.g. AMI, Docker Image with Nextflow workflow) for seamless post-VTP analysis

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Invest in your team's professional growth and unlock their full potential with our industry-focused VTPs. Contact us to learn more about our VTP solutions for the pharma and biotech sectors.