I was introduced to Milrd as a graduate research associate at Hunter College, and subsequently enrolled in the metagenomics VTP program, by my PI to assist with learning a new skillset for an upcoming project. As a bioinformatics graduate student in a course with high schoolers, I thought the program had the potential to be slow-paced, or “easy”, it was anything but. The Milrd staff has a way to tailor each VTP to the individual and I was thoroughly impressed with how knowledgable, patient and attentive they were.
I highly recommend Milrd, whether you are a scientist looking to expand your skillset, a graduate student looking to gain new tools for a project, or a high school/college student who is curious about the subject. In rapidly growing fields like bioinformatics, Milrd provides a way to stay up to date on new methods and apply these techniques in a controlled learning environment.

Post Author: paul