I enrolled in the Single-cell Transcriptomics + Habenula Neuron Characterization VTP to learn about scRNA-seq analysis, with an eye toward pursuing it in my own research. I had no previous expertise in this area, and the experience was great.

I have already found it helpful for interpreting results in papers utilizing scRNA-seq data. I’m still determining whether I’ll be using it in my own work, but the VTP provided a good introduction to scRNA-seq concepts and analysis techniques—and I feel confident that I would know how to start exploring my own scRNA-seq data.

I also really liked the flexibility of MILRD’s VTP Program. It was the right mix of videoconference chat and asynchronous feedback/collaboration, and I comfortably completed the project as a full-time post-doc (and mom of a 1-year-old).

Post Author: paul