Excellence, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Milrd provides access to its programs regardless of race, gender, geographic or socioeconomic status, which enables students to thrive independent of their background.


The Milrd Virtual Internship platform contains an AI engine that learns from interacting with students. Each student's background influences the questions they ask, the way they react to challenges, the time it takes them to complete tasks, and many others. It is critical to scale the platform with a diverse community so we can help each student thrive.

Customized Support

We make significant effort to meet students where they are, and provide preparation help to onboard students who have holes in their pre-requisite knowledge.


We take VIs for College and High School students and create versions for younger students. Our current floor is 5th grade, and we plan to create younger versions, so we can onboard students to our pipeline before the learning-access gap becomes insurmountable.